Custom-Made Production

Crazy ideas welcome
Unusual ideas are nothing new at LIVE Lasersystems. It needs lots of fantasy to surprise us with something new. However, it does not matter how crazy your idea sounds at first- we will give our best to find a solution. Mostly, new ideas encourage us to be enthusiastic and to give our very best to create something new.

CAD, CNC, circuit design, software development
We do not only have the tools and the know-how but also the necessary creativity and imaginativeness needed for a successful realization of your ideas. We produce our prototypes ourselves-directly.

Custom design, custom made
The more precisely you know what you want, the faster we can get started. You send us your wish list and we make your product regarding your specifications. You can certainly expect the same quality for your particular product as for all of our other products.

A big topic nowadays. To consider/watch laser installations or shows is one thing but to interact with it is something completely different. Let your audience decide what the performance should look like. Make different points of intersection available and offer, thus, a completely new laser experience. If you do not know yet what exactly is possible, we are happy to present you our ideas.