One day this laser projector will belong to [customer name].
LIVE Lasersystems is a small concern. There is no mass production in this company. Our production is characterized by precise handwork with love for details. Each employee knows exactly which way this product will go after leaving our manufacture.




Mechanics separated from optics
Our production is strictly divided into departments. Different areas require for different conditions. The optics department demands an especially clean environment. Who would want to clean and glue optics next to soldering irons and CNC milling machines? Clearly separated work places do not only offer a better overview but also all the relevant tools within reach. This is how efficient production works.


Breadboard, Beam- Analyzer & Co

In addition to special machines such as CNC milling machines, pick-and-place machines and reflow-ovens, LIVE Lasersystems also owns tools and machines that are especially used for laser and precision technology. A big breadboard offers the possibility to easily adjust beam overlay over long distances. Furthermore, a beam analyzer can go into further detail and can, thus, make beam profiles apparent. We certainly offer optic corrections for not perfect beam profiles. A spectrum analyzer helps you to select laser diodes and to divide them into so called production bins because we know that 2-3 nm can cause visible color changes. Our production devices are rounded up by a cleanroom, which guarantees dust-free alignment of optically sensitive components such as laser crystals in DPSS modules.