Lasershow Production

From planning to feedback
LIVE Lasersystems offers whole laser show productions for years now.  We even take one step further. As producers of high-quality laser technology, we are flexible and uncompromising. “Doesn’t work” does not belong to our vocabulary. Wishes/Fantasies are to be fulfilled.


Preliminary discussion
Our team is set up by laser technology experts. However, we can also talk about technical terms in a way so that laymen understand as well what we mean. Thus, every preliminary discussion is a full success and everyone is best informed.


Preprogramming became a fix part in this branch. The time “on site” is rare and “last minute” actions do not always work out so well. That is why we are very willing to work for you in advance so that in the end only the fine-tuning has to be done on site.


Arrangement/ Dismantling
Efficient arrangement and dismantling as well as productive communication with the supervisors on site is as important as preliminary discussion, since everyone is working together to make the event a success.


The equipment is perfectly prepared and tested, which is our top priority. Our experience in service has coined our development. Every item of LIVE Lasersystems is characterized by practice orientation. In a professional context there is no space for fancy features.



Show, projection, installation – whatever may be the goal. We know all the areas of application and even some more others have never thought of. Most important is the result. Communication is also a key factor here. A festival show does not impact by “showing off what we can do” but by well prepared working together.  “Only because a laser projector can show so many colors at the same time, it does not mean that it should be used like that”.

Laser is light in a form that can be dangerous. Our laser technicians are laser protection officers and they know how to use a laser with a maximum of safety. We know all standards and laws regarding laser display applications. Authorities often require risk analyzes. We can certainly do this for you too. You will receive a comprehensive and professionally competent safety document. Furthermore, we work close together with certification companies, such as the TÜV, and can certainly arrange any safety evaluations.


Our work is only then really done when the costumer is convinced and excited by our work. A discussion afterwards is as important as proper planning beforehand.