Interactive Installation: Steiermark Frühling

An interactive laser installation done by LIVE Lasersystems and BMS Eventtechnik.

People start to pedaling, and LED stripes visualize the power they put into the "system". Once all 8 bikes reach the end of the LED strip, a laser projection starts to draw a comprehensive logo (3x KORE 12 HD lasers were used). The speed of the drawing depends on the peoples pedaling input. During this "build-up"-time music keeps looping. Finally the logo is completely drawn and a finishing music blends over. Final credits are projected telling the bike riders how far they traveled, showing final custom messages and the sponsor's logo.

The whole installation is completely interactive and automatic.


Date: 11.-14.4.2019

Location: Rathausplatz, Wien, Austria

Service: interactive laser installation, laser projection

Equipment: 3x KORE 12 HD