The pursuit of perfection
LIVE Lasersystems produces its laser projectors and diode modules itself. Everything starts and ends in Vienna: from CAD constructions, over to prototype productions, and finally to serial productions – everything offered by LIVE Lasersystems. One can only pursuit and expect perfection if mostly independent from third parties. We only make use of OEM equipment if in-house-production would make no sense technically and further economically seen.



A product is only as good as its weakest link
The extent of in-house-productions is greater than one might think. Only with your own ideas you can create something new, something that has never been there before. The better all components work together, the better will the final result be.  Without stable and temperature-independent mechanics, without precise and low-loss optics, without reliable digital and analogous electronics and without geared software no product can achieve perfection.



No compromises
Laser engineering is very precise.  Also regarding inconspicuous elements we may not economize on quality.
Who buys cheap buys twice? Almost played down as we think!